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Business Intelligence   :

BI is a general term for applications, platforms, tools and technologies that support the process of exploring data, relationships exiting within data  and trends.

Business intelligence (BI) is important in helping organizations stay ahead of the competition by providing the means for quicker, more accurate and more informed decision making. Business intelligence (BI) provides timely and accurate information to better understand your organization and to make more informed, real-time  decisions. Full utilization of BI solutions can optimize organization processes and resources, improve proactive decision making and maximize profits/minimize costs. 

New facts and relationships can be generated within short span of time from the huge databases available with any large organization that can prove to be a significant competitive advantage. However, just processing transactions and/or information’s faster and more efficiently, no longer provides the organization with business excellence and decision making power. What is needed today is not just the latest and updated information, but the cross-functional information that can help decisions making activity as "on-line" process. All these factors have contributed towards the desire to reap the benefits of new revolutionary technology – viz. "Data Warehousing and Data Mining".


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