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A number of technical consultancy projects have been completed using various quantitative and modeling techniques during the past fifteen years   for a number of Indian organizations. Over a period of time division have gained expertise in  various quantitative modeling and simulation techniques and giving support to large number of govt. depts./ ministries

Currently engaged in the development and implementation of projects and working in the area of DataWarehousing and Data Mining which will prove to be a directive to new generation Government and will prove very helpful for decision makers and organization as a whole. We are having complete range of IBM data warehousing and Data Mining tools but we are also acquainted  with various other Business Intelligence tools from SPSS, SAS , Microsoft ,Oracle besides others.

NIC is also in the process viz. of setting up a  central lab having most of the latest tools in the area of Business Intelligence so that various departments can come there and share their expertise and knowledge and their combined efforts can lead the organization to  a new direction.

Some of our services in these areas include :

*  Understanding govt./depts.  requirement(s) and have a detailed feasibility study 

*  Identification & specification of software requirements

*  Setting up complete ‘on-site’ infrastructure

*  Procuring necessary hardware 

*  Development of application, testing and upgrading using QM and BI tools

*  Development and maintenance of application software

*  Providing intensive training to the personnel from the user organizations in using the area applications for their work.




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