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In order to propagate and promote, the scientific decision making as a process, full fledged division, taking care of the following major activities for the government departments (central and state as well as public sector undertakings) is operational in NIC Headquarters from its inception.

The Mathematical Modelling & Simulation Division has developed infrastructure facilities and  expertise in the area of computer aided modelling techniques using state-of-the-art quantitative quantitative and simulation techniques besides development of   Business Intelligence (BI)  applications and providing consultancy and trainings .

For planning in a dynamic economic environment and choice among strategic option(s), the use of quantitative, qualitative ,management and simulation techniques for a scenario generation has been well established and been used world wide . Computer Aided Model(s) and Decision Support System(s) DSS have been widely used by planners, policy makers, administrators and academicians for strengthening the decision making as a process.  Computer systems linked with powerful computer communication network have further increased the utility and operationalization of such systems world wide.

   The two major areas of support includes :

Quantitative Modelling & Simulation

Business Intelligence for Competitive Advantage




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