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Business Intelligence Pilot Projects :

Prototype  development is a methodology that focuses on building applications in a very short amount of time; traditionally with compromises in usability, features and/or execution speed. 

For a business analyst to adopt any new technology it always needs two things to satisfy: that is how it is going to help in the analysis and how simple it is to adopt. Both can be answered with a help of prototype which involves development of an application by taking a portion of real-time data and applying BI techniques on it . Just to make it appealing, it is always better to develop an application with data from one’s own area of operation so that he/she can very well understand the problem and the underlying solutions. With this in mind this division has developed a number of prototypes data warehouses using data from different operational systems. These datawarehouses had been demonstrated to different departments/ministries so that  analysts having domain knowledge can perform online analysis using the sample cubes This will give them an idea abut the potential of applying BI Technology to their existing conventional databases.

We have developed a no. of datawarehouses using data from different departments. Various multidimensional cubes has been generated using these datawarehouses. These cube has been published at so that end-users and analysts can access these cubes online and browse the various features using relevant data. 

A login and password exists to access the cubes because of confidentiality of data . 

Details of various prototypes developed exists at links given below :

Cubes developed at Kerala State Unit has been published on

For accessing these cubes kindly contact Mr. Lenin at or Ms. Daizy at

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